January 29th 2021

These murderous lockdowns.

Free, law abiding citizens under house arrest for nearly five months within one years time, and counting. Two more weeks, six more weeks, one more strain, one more mask, one more shot, one more year, one more generation.

The facts lay plain.

Israel, the world’s laboratory, has been subjected to more totalitarian overreaching citizen arresting lockdowns than any other country on the globe. 140 days to date.

We are the recipients of more injections of a novel experimental gene treatment than any population on the planet.

We are one of the most surveilled countries on earth.

Our skies are the only to have been hermetically sealed.

Foreigners have been denied entry for the better part of the year. And still.

And still.

And still diagnostically meaningless PCR tests are used. Still we are denied viable, tested, safe and effective treatments. Still the positive results rise. The despaor increases. Every day we experience exponential change for the worse. We feel the tightening, the madness of it, the impotent rage.

We have exhausted this path.

This is the end of this road.

Either we turn now and go deeper into breathtaking revocation of our freedoms of movement, speech, and self determination from which we will not escape or we agree on this one thing;

We need a new plan of action.

Could we? Could we agree on this one thing?

The world has never been darker. Every single one of us must surely feel it. We all watch our children wilting.

It is heavy. It is demoralizing.

It is not solving the problems we have been told they have been implemented to cure.

It is creating more pain, more varied and multiplying misery than we could have anticipated when we agreed to forgo our rights back in March and lock ourselves in for “just two weeks” to flatten the curve.

It’s now January 29th. It didn’t work.

Our governments will not be giving our rights back.

Our governments will not be giving our lives back.

Our governments will not give us our autonomy back.

We have to demand our inalienable rights that are formed within us at our creation and not gifted by ruler.

We have to do that now.

We can continue to disagree on the wisest methods forward and have those conversations. That will only be possible when we stop attacking each other. I have seen the face of this ravaging mob mentality first hand. We will destroy one another.

If we don’t identify the problem we will never overcome it.

Our governments are dismantling our democracy. They are doing so in the name of a public health they are with the other hand brazenly disfiguring. We can call this what it is. It is illegal. It is immoral. It is doing more harm than a Covid-19 infection could alone cause.

We have to join together in this one consensus or we will be overtaken entirely.

This is not a warning.

We are well established in this new order. We watched it happening and still find it’s reality startling.

This is a call to action.

We can all look what is happening in the face and name it.

We can still stop this.

We don’t have long to do so.