December 15, 2020

Don’t stick me in a narrow box, please. I am neither Trumper nor anti-masker or a non-Covid believer. I openly question and ask you to as well, the wisdom of forcing/mandating/coercing a brand new medical technology, of it being administered to the global public as fast as absolutely possible engaging the use of the military to achieve this goal, of doing so with no existing safety studies.

This is not an unreasonable position.

I repeat, this is not an unreasonable position to hold; it does not make you anti-vaccine anti-science or anti-medicine to desire safety studies in order to logically weigh the risks and benefits of a medical intervention and give a true informed consent. It is literally the most “scientific” answer one can apply. It is what the public has sworn and continues to swear makes it immoral to use HCQ or Ivermectin or IV C or any number of other -shown to be effective and studied outside the FDA – treatments.

But because of a Belief in vaccines- and I mean that in a take me to church kinda way – for your religious Faith in the concept of vaccines – you forgo your very own eleven month long agreement to deny medicine to deathly ill patients that hundreds, that thousands, of decorated doctors have borne witness to – you must necessarily ignore the explanations of valued scientists who have evaluated the deep diagnostic flaws of the PCR test that is driving this pandemic and it’s truly shocking high false positive rate, it’s lack of standardized testing throughout any lab across the globe, it’s diagnostically meaningless result above a Cycle Threshold value of 34, it’s inability to isolate for CV19 against *any other Coronavirus omg*, and even the words of Dr. Kerry Mullis the inventor of PCR and the 2014 statement of Dr Christian Drosten the man who later sent the CV sequencing to be used in todays testing himself that it was not ever indicated for this purpose and the 22 scientist external peer review call to retract that paper that initiated its ubiquitous use – and dig in deep that the only existing way in which we have any notion of direction forward, to the exclusion of prevention and treatment alike, to address this most lethal thing to ever happen to the world problem – though data shows mortality is consistent with previous seasons – is deadly lockdown and a fast tracked, stage skipped, novel messenger RNA technology that has Failed Every Safety Trial Since the 1990s be given to every single person on the planet even though IT DOES NOT STOP TRANSMISSION. One that with this I regretfully inform you not government nor doctor nor pharmaceutical manufacturer hold legal liability should it indeed bring you to harm.

For this I face the loss of my right to my bodily autonomy?These are facts. Checkable source-able inconvenient devastating destabilizing bare faced facts – please verify them- one now makes the choice each additional day to ignore to the direct harm to body and soul of us all. With what audacity can one point to these statements as conspiracy theory? How can it be I who is taking risk with the public’s lives? With what twisting of reality can it be said those of us shouting over these gaping contradictions of thought and implementation engage in questionable science?

But not that alone, the threat of my right to speak the truth that keeps me awake, that lays plain before my eyes, I am threatened the “authorities” might act against me for expressing? This as I have watched platform after platform disappear in the attempt to drown out all resistance. Do you think what I write is dangerous? Do you think I should be censored? Do you think the authorities should be aware of the things I write? Can you truly read these statements apart from the author and say they’re unreasonable to weigh in discussion?

Please consider the incontrovertible truth that if you were subjected to around the clock media updates on how many lives the flu is taking, how many people were diagnosed daily, how many deaths it claimed per week across the globe, if you were warned at every door of state sponsored ways to protect yourself from the flu, if you were told regularly of the symptoms and potential complications, and legally made to apply dystopian like inconsistent modifications to your waking behaviour- You Would Live in Waking Terror of the Flu.

It’s the truth. It is incontrovertible. It doesn’t mean the flu doesn’t really suck and doesn’t really kill a percentage of vulnerable people yearly and isn’t something you’re really better to avoid – were only it possible past obvious historical hygiene. If this was done with medical malpractice injury and death, if this was done with cancer, with heart disease, with vaccine adverse reactions, You. Would. Live. In. Unabating. Terrorized Fear of it. And THIS is why people say this pandemic is fake. Not because the virus doesn’t exist and not because it doesn’t sometimes suck terrifically to be infected with and not because it hasn’t claimed lives of people we love. But because it has been cherry picked in a mess of hypocrisy from a venomous world as The Excuse to enact every manner of surveillance and control and behaviour modification in marriage of private corporation and government and the dangerous plowing forward of the future of health care which is and always has been planned as adult mandated vaccinations.